Diseases & Corresponding Mudras (In English & Hindi)

A most popular form of yoga which is comprised of the use of only the fingers of the hands is called as hasta mudras yoga wellness therapy. Each hand mudra is the symbolic representation of a closed circuit of energy pattern in the body. Mudra’s role is to stimulate brain centers & directs energy flow within the body just by pressing the different combination of hand & fingers. Mudras may be used along with Pranayan, Beejamantras japam to get benefited by the flow of Prana (life force) in the body. It is the purpose of mudra to create a closed circuit for prana by giving prana a space to flow freely without any physical or mental obstacle so that the desired energy patterns may be altered in the body.

Given below is the list of some most common diseases with name of the corresponding healing hasta mudras:-

Anxiety : Vayu & Vatta Shamak/Vishnu Hasta Mudra

Arthritis : Vayu, Vatta Dhamak, Prithvi, Jal, Apan Vayu, Gyan Pran Hasta Mudras,

Atrophy of muscles: 
Prithvi, Pran Mudras,

Anus Burn: Prithvi Mudra
Acidity : Prithvi,
Jal Shamak, Pran

Anaemia : Jal, Pran Mudra
Abdominal pain : Vayu, Apan Vayu, Matngi & Vatta Nashak mudra

Anger : Gyan, Vayu, Prithvi Pran
Athero-sclerosis :
Pran mudra
Ageing, premature : Gyan Jal, Prithvi, Pran Mudra
Acne : as above

Angina pectoris : akash, apan vayu, vyan
Asthma:- Gyan, Surya, Lunga, Akash, Asthma .
Allergy : Prithvi, Sankh, Pran Mudra,
Appendicitis : Prithvi, Apan Vayu Mudra,

Atrophy of optic nerve :
Gyan, Prithvi, Pran Mudras,
Breathlessnes : Varta, Asthma Mudras
Brittle nails : Vatta, Prithvi Mudras,
Blood-pressure, high : Gyan, Akash, Vyan Apan Vayu, Pran 

Bones Strengthen : Prithvi Mudra
burning, in the body : Prithvi, Apan, Sankh & Pran Mudras,
Blood circulation, slow : Pran, Surya
Backache :Vayu-shaamak, Apan- vayu ,Vatta Shamak Mudra
Bloody stools/urine : Pran Mudra
Blood-pressure,low : Prithvi, Shunya Mudras
Bed-wetting :Jal-shaamak 
Boils : Prithvi, Pran Mudras
Bronchitis :Prithvi Mudra  

Blocked nose : Shunya, Surya, Kidney Mudras,
Brain power :
Gyan, Budhi, Prithvi, Pran Mudras,
Cretinism : 
Gyan , Vyan Mudras,

Concentration, lack of: Vayu, Vatta Shamak Mudra
Constipation : Jal, Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Surya Mudra
Congestion in body : Akash, Vyan Mudra 
Chest-congestion: : same as above
Cartilage, degeneration /tear: Jal, Prithvi, Pran Mudra
Chronic fatigue : Prithvi, Pushan, Pran M


Cervical spondylosis: Gyan, Jal, Prithvi, Vayu, Vatta, Pran
Cataract: Surya Mudra
Cracked skin/lips/tongue: Prithvi, Jal, Vayu, Vatta
Cramps of muscles: Jal, Vayu, Varta 
Circulation, slow: Jal, Kidney, Vayu, Vyan
Chest pain: Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Apan Vayu
Colds: Surya, Linga, Kidney Mudra
Cough, wet: same as above 
Cough, dry: Vatta Mudra
Colitis: Pran Mudra
Dullness of mind: Gyan, Surya Mudra
Drowsiness: Gyan, Vyan Mudra
Dementia(s): Gyan Mudra
Degeneration of retina: same as above
Dwarfism: same as above
Diabetes mellitus : Gyan, Apan Vayu, Pran Mudra
Dizziness: Vatta Shamak, Surya Mudra
Dry skin/hair : Vatta, Apan, Pran, Jal, Prithvi Mudra
Detoxification: Akash, Apan Mudra

Deafness: Prithvi, Shunya Mudra

Debility : Prithvi, Apan Mudra

Degeneration of joint-cartilage: Prithvi, Pran, Vyan, Apan Mudra

Dry eyes: Jal Mudra
Dehydration : same as above
Deficiency of hormones : -do-

Dropsy: Jal Shamak Mudra

Diarrhea : Jal Shamak Mudra

Dysentery: Pran Mudra

Depression: Gyan, Surya Mudra

Digestion, weak: Surya, Jal, Kidney, Linga Mudra

Duodenal ulcer: Prithvi Mudra

Dry mouth throat: Jal Mudra

Endocrine disorders: Gyan,Vayu Mudra

Effusion in joints: Gyan, Jal Shamak Mudra

Epilepsy: Vayu, Vatta Shamak Mudra

Ear disorders (pain): Shunya, Vatta Shamak Mudra

(deafness ): Shunya, Prithvi Mudra

Emaciation(weight-loss): Vatta Shamak, Prithvi, Pran Mudra
Excessive salivation/thirst/perspiration/urination: Jal Shamak, Pran Mudra

Excessive menses : Jal Shamak, Prithvi Kapha-Kaarak or Pitta-naashak, Vyan, Pran Mudra

Enthusiasm. Lack of : Gyan, Vyan, Pran Mudra

Excessive sleep: Gyan Mudra , Vyan, Surya Mudra

Eye-ailments, watering; Surya, Kidney Mudra

Glaucoma: Jal Shamak 

Eczema-dry : Jal

Fear: Gyan, Akash, Vatta Shamak

Flatulence (gas): Gyan, Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Apan, Apan Vayu
Fever: Apan, Prithvi, Sankh

Frozen shoulder: Vayu, Apan Vayu

Fatigue: Vatta Shamak, Pushan, Prithvi, Pran 

Fracture: Prithvi
Feet, cold: Surya, Kidney, Linga

Fatness: Gyan, Vyan, Surya, Kidney, Pran, Linga

Forgetfulness: Gyan, Budhi, Prithvi, Pran
Fissure, anal: Prithvi
Flu: Apan, Prithvi, Sankh, Jal Shamak
Gastric ulcer : Prithvi

Giddiness: Vayu, Vatta Shamak

Gout: Vayu, Apan Vayu

Gas: Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Apan, Apan Vayu, Prithvi

General debility: Prithvi, Vyan, Apan, Pran

Greying of hair: Prithvi
Greasy skin, hair: Vyan, Kidney

Gall colic: Apan Vayu

Gastritis: Prithvi, Apan, Pran

Glaucoma: Jal Shamak
Heel-pain: Surya, Vatta Shamak, Apan Vayu

Heart weak /failure: Gyan, Akash Vyan, Apan Vayu / Heart, Pran Mudra

Heart disease/pain/attack : same as above


Hiccups: Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Apan Vayu

Hair-loss/greying: Prithvi, Pran

Hyperacidity: Jal Shamak, Prithvi, Pran

Hydrocele: Jal Shamak
Heat stroke: Gyan, Vyan, Prithvi
Head ache: Mahasir, Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Apan Vayu
Irritability: Gyan, Pran, Vayu, Vatta Shamak

Indecisiveness: Vayu, Vatta Shamak

Impatience: Gyan, Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Prithvi, Pran

Intercostals neuralgia: Vayu, Vatta Shamak
Intuition, to develop: Akash
Irregular hear-beats: Akash

Inflammatory diseases: Prithvi, Pran

Intolerance of cold: Vatta Shamak, Kidney, Surya, Linga

Indigestion: Jal, Surya, Linga, Kidney

Irregular menses: Vayu, Vatta Shamak

Immunity, weak: Pran, Pushan

Impotence: Prithvi, Linga, Pran
Infertility: Jal, Prithvi, Pran

Influenza: Prithvi, Sankha, Apan, Jal Shamak

Insomnia: Vatta Shamak if have anxiety or over flow of thoughts, Pran, Gyan

Itching: Sankh, Prithvi

Infectious diseases: Apan, Prithvi, Pran

Joint-pains: Gyan, Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Jal, Prithvi, Apan, Apan Vayu

Jealousy : Gyan, Pran

Jaundice: Pran

Kidney ailments: Jal Shamak, Kidney, Apan, Pran

Kapha (mucous) excessive: Surya, Linga, Jal Shamak, Kidney, followed with Pran

Loss of appetite: Gyan, Vyan, Kidney, Surya

Liver: Surya, Linga

Leucorrhoea: Apan, Sankh, Pran

Leprosy: Pran

Muscles, Strengthening: Gyan, Sankh, Pran

Muscle spasm /cramps/rigidity: Jal, Vayu, Vatta Shamak

Migraine: Gyan, Apan, Akash, Pran

Mouth ulcers: Prithvi, Pran

Menstrual problem:
Scanty: Jal, Pran

Excessive: Jal Shamak, Vyan

Painful: Pran, Vayu Vatta Shamak

Irregular:  same as above

Menopause: Jal, Pran

Nervous(system)disorders : Gyan, Vyan, Pran

Numbness in body /hands/feet: Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Shunya

Nose/smell disorders: Prithvi – significator of smell

Nose, running: Jal Shamak

Nose, blocked: Kidney, Surya

Neck-pain , stiffness : Vayu, Apan Vayu

Nails brittle: Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Prithvi

Paralysis: Gyan

Palpitations: Vayu, Apan Vayu, Pran

Psoriasis: Gyan, Vayu, Jal, Prithvi, Apan, Pran

Pleurisy/Pleural effusion: Jal Shamak, Linga, Pran

Pain: Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Jal

Piles: Apan, Vyan, Sahaj Shankh, Ashvini, Prithvi, Pran mudras

Phyaryngitis(sore throat): Prithvi, Pran, Sankh

Pituitary/pineal di

Pitta(bile),excessive : Pran

Sciatica: Gyan, Vayu, Jal
Skin Problems- Rashes, dry-cracked: Vayu, Vatta Shamak, Apan, Prithvi, Pran
Mature ,ageing : Jal, Prithvi
Oily: Gyan, Vyan, Kidney
Sinusitis: Prithvi, Akash
Stomach Ache, burning in : Prithvi, Pran, Vayu Apan, Sankh
Sleep excessive: Pushan, Vyan, Surya
Stammering : Vatta Shamak
Shoulder pain/stiffnes: Vayu, Apan Vayu, Jal
Swelling : Jal Shamak
Sore throat: Prithvi, Sankh, Pran
Taste disorders: Jal
Thyroid, underactive: 
Typhoid: Prithvi, Sankh
T.B: Linga, Surya

Tennis elbow: Vayu, Apan Vayu
Thyoride Overactive:

Thyroidism(Hyper) occurs when thyroid gland produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. Hyperthyroidism can accelerate your body’s metabolism, causing unintentional weight loss and a rapid or irregular heartbeat.

To Cure do Gyan, Akash, Prithvi, Udan, Sankh,Vayu & Pran Mudras.

Thyroidism(Hypo) means underacting thyroism harmons causing metabolism at a lower rate leading to over weight & cold body.
Do Gyan Hasta Mudra for stress removal, Surya Hasta Mudra and Linga Hasta mudras for bodily metabolism, heat and weight reduction and Shankh mudras for Thyroid Balancing.

Toothache: Jal, Vatta Shamak, Apan Vayu
Tonsillitis: Prithvi, Sankh, Apan, Pran
Trigeminal neuralgia: Vayu, Apan Vayu
Tinnitus(noises in the ear) : Shunya
Urticaria,itching : Shankh, Prithvi, Pran
Ulcers Prithvi, Pran
Urine Profuse frequent: Gyan, Vyan, Jal Shamak
Burning/painful: Pran, Prithvi, Apan, Apan Vayu,
Unsteady walk(gait): Vayu, Vatta Shamak
Voice, hoarse/strained: Vayu, Prithvi, Sankh
Vertigo: Vayu, Vatta Shamak
Varicose veins: Apan, Apan Vayu, Prithvi, Pran

आलस्य- पृथ्वी, प्राणमुद्रा
उ.र.चाप- अपानवायु, प्राणमुद्रा 
उत्तेजना- ज्ञान, ध्यानमुद्रा 
एलर्जी- लिंग, शंखमुद्रा 
एसीडिटी- अपानवायु, अपानमुद्रा 
कफ- लिंग, सूर्यमुद्रा
कब्ज- अपानमुद्रा 
कमरदर्द- अपानवायु 
खाँसी- लिंग, सूर्यमुद्रा
खुजली- वरुणमुद्रा
गर्दन दर्द- वायुमुद्रा 
गैस्ट्रिक/पेटदर्द- अपानवायुमुद्रा 
घुटना दर्द- अपानवायुमुद्रा
चिन्ता- ज्ञान, ध्यानमुद्रा
चिड़चिड़ापन- ज्ञान, ध्यानमुद्रा 
छींक,उबासी- आदित्यमुद्रा
जलन- वरुण, अपानमुद्रा
जड़ता- प्राणमुद्रा
जबड़ा जकड़ना- आकाशमुद्रा 
जुकाम- लिंग, सूर्यमुद्रा 
टांसिल- शंखमुद्रा
टी.बी.- लिंग, सूर्यमुद्रा
डायबिटीज- प्राण+अपानमुद्रा 
थकान- प्राण, पृथ्वीमुद्रा
थाइराइड- सूर्य,शंख,सहज शंखमुद्रा 
दमा- अपान वायु, सूर्य, लिंगमुद्रा 
दस्त- वरुण,वायु,अपानवायुमुद्रा 
दाँतदर्द- आकाश, अपानमुद्रा 
दुर्बलता- पृथ्वीमुद्रा
निमोनिया- सूर्य, लिंगमुद्रा 
नि.र.चाप- प्राण,लिंग,अपान,आकाश 
निराशा- ज्ञान, प्राणमुद्रा
प्यास बुझाना- वरुण, प्राणमुद्रा 
प्लूरसी- (फेफड़े में पानी) सूर्य, लिंग 
पेशाब बन्द होना- अपानवायुमुद्रा 
पाचन- पृथ्वी, सूर्य, लिंग,सहजशंख 
पैर दर्द- प्राणमुद्रा
बवासीर- सहज शंखमुद्रा 
ब्रह्मचर्य- सहज शंखमुद्रा 
बुखार- अपानवायु, वरुण, लिंगमुद्रा 
बेचैनी- ज्ञान, अपानवायु, प्राणमुद्रा 
भय- ज्ञानमुद्रा 
भूख- प्राणमुद्रा 
मासिकधर्म- अपान, शंखमुद्रा 
मूर्छा- वरुणमुद्रा 
याददाश्त- ज्ञानमुद्रा, पुस्तक मुद्रा 
रक्तदोष- वरुण, प्राण, अपानमुद्रा 
लकवा- वायु, प्राणमुद्रा 
लीवर- सूर्य, शंख, सहजशंखमुद्रा 
वजन बढ़ाना- पृथ्वीमुद्रा 
वजन घटाना- सूर्यमुद्रा
शियाटिका- अपानवायु, प्राणमुद्रा 
सायनस- सूर्य, लिंगमुद्रा 
सिरदर्द- अपानवायुमुद्रा 
सूजन- जलोदर नाशकमुद्रा 
सोरायसिस- वरुण, अपानमुद्रा 
हकलाना- शंखमुद्रा 
हिचकी- अपानवायुमुद्रा