Shunya Mudra for Curing Thyroid, Deafness & Tinnitus (शून्य हस्त मुद्रा के उपयोग)

In addition to practicing Shunya Mudra can also be cured by practicing the following four hasta mudras for about 20+ minutes once or twice a day.

Why Do We Call This As Heaven Mudra? The long practice of this mudra done in meditative gesture enables the Yogies to hear Anahata sounds – the un-usual sounds-which is a stage of enjoing a level of tranquillity & Eternal Bliss!

Shunya Mudra or Mudra of emptiness or heaven, which reduces the space element in the body. One hour of this Mudra can reduce ear pain and watering of the eyes, improves hearing, strengthens the bones, reduces heart diseases and throat problems. It cures Hypothyroid Thyroid Disease and fortifies the gums. It also opens the heart chakra and helps in meditation. We know that eccedd1 of space element does not let the remaining other four element i.e.air, water, earth & fire to increase which causes bi-dosha & tri-dosha Prakriti.
Since the practice of Shunya mudra decreases the space element – as a result the other four elements get increased and with the help of which the balanced presence of these elements help curing the bi-dosha & tri-dosha Prakriti Doshas.
  1. Sankh Hasta Mudra
  2. Sahaj Sankh Hasta Mudra
  3. Surya/Agni Hasta Mudra – (excess wt)
  4. Udan Hasta Mudra – touch index fingers tips with thumbs tips and keep middle fingers on index fingers nails or touch index, middle and ring fingers tips with thumbs tips of both the hands