Curing Severe Cold With Running Nose Through Linga & Pran Hasta Mudras Practice!

As seen in the pictures shown above, Treate your Severe Cold with Running Nose by practicing Do LINGA Mudra (both hands clasped together, with left thumb in upright position) for 20 minutes. Then do Pran i.e. SAFE and SECURE Mudra (thumb touching ring and little fingers on both the hands) for another 20 minutes and take rest for a while keeping in mind that while we sleep, our body does the necessary healing.
After waking up, do the Mudras again for another 16 minutes and you should be alright without any medication. 

Explanating the Science?

Due to pollution, we get afflicted with cold.
The thick phlegm produced and deposited inside the lungs will be converted into liquid form by the Linga Mudra and will be sent to the Swadhisthan /Sacral / Hara Chakra (the chakra that handles water element) by the Safe and Secure Mudra.