Curing Arthritis

A set of the following hasta mudra practice on regular basis for a long time has been found very useful in curing the Arthritis:

  1. Gyan Mudra – which indirectly helps curing Arthritis or any other disease as it immunises mental strength, helps in becoming Stress free and makes us wise enough to choose a healthy lifestyle including food found suitable for a arthritis or a concerned patient

2. Prithvi mudra or Prithvi / Earth element balancing mudra helps to increase earth element within the body. The earth element is the main component in bones and bone marrow. A Balanced Earth Eement Strengthens Bones and Bone Marrow which will result to reduce Arthritis;

3. Varun / Jal Mudra is useful to balance water element within the body. Water element helps to strengthen fluids, which is must for the free movement of the joints. Fluid imbalance is said that be one of the chief causes of body pains, next to the imbalanced / vaata aggravation state in the body;

4. Vaayu mudra or Vaayu-shaamak mudra decrease air element within the body, which reduces Vaata dosha (humor) / vaata aggravation, which is said that be one of the chief causes of body pains, next to imbalanced fluidity state in the body;

5. Vata-nashak / Vaata Shamak / Vishnu hasta mudra furthet reduces Vata dosha as the decrease in the Space Element speeds up the decrease in the Air / Vaayu Element as Air can’t expand in the absence of Space. Increased Vaayu imbalances Vatta humor – which is the primary cause behind arthritis and body pains;

6. Apan mudra does the detoxification / toxins expelling works from all the body organs which help to reduces toxins and keep cleaning of all the internal body organs. Increase in the toxic and acidic condition is one of the main causes of arthritis, which can be easily overcome through apan mudra practice;

7. Apaan-Vaayu mudra is quite helping in relieving painful Vaayu,  constipation, and gases. This mudra increase all the expelling works of organs and decreases the acidic nature of the body which is one of the main causes of arthritis. This acidic and toxic condition of the body could you easily overcome through this mudra practice on regular basis;

8. Pran mudra or Kapha-balancing mudra also known as Safe & Secure Mudra is useful to balance the Kapha humor within the body, which is a combination of water and earth element. Both these elements are helpful to decrease vaata effects and increase the strength of bones and bone marrow and physical immunity. Water / Fluidity balance helps to clean the system as all the toxins in the body are washed out.

Note: Pran Hasta Mudra also works as a Finishing Mudra – to be practiced after the practice of any mudra as this increases the positive effect of all the other mudras as this ensures Vitality!