Balancing Solar Plexus (मणिपुर चक्र) Chakra – Agni eats up all the emotions of the ego. “Rumरं” बीजमंत्र ऐंवम मातंगी/ पुषाण/ रुद्र आदि मुद्राओं से मणिपुर चक्र सन्तुलित हो -EGO अहं दूर होता है)

Mudras for Solar Plexus Chakra

The following HASTA MUDRAS are found most useful in balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra:- 

2. Pushan Mudra /DIGESTION MUDRA ;-

3. Matangi Mudra;-

4. Surya Mudra

5. Hakini Mudra – Although Hakini Hasta Mudra is used to Activate the Third Due Chakra – but using this with overlapping the thumbs over each other, while other four fingers tips touch each other but palms are kept without touching each other – has also been found useful in activating the Solar Plexus Chakra by keeping this gesture in front of Naval Area.

Pushan Hasta Mudra:-

Pushan Mudra is helpful to activate Solar Plexus Chakra, works as an Acceptance, Cures Anemia, Anger, Appetite, Bloating, Breathing, Detoxification, Diet Control, Digestion, Elimination, Flatulence, Gall Bladder, Life Harmony, Liver, Body-Mind, Nausea, Nourishment, Peace, Release, Self-Confidence, Spiri, Spleen, Stomach, Stress, Weight Control.
User for Anger Management, Life Situations Acceptance, Digestion etc.
Helps one to eat the right food in the right amount.  This mudra is very helpful for digestion and nourishment.
This is about accepting and receiving with one hand, letting things flow, giving, and letting go with the other hand.  This applies to digestion, spirit, and breathing/life force.
The pushan mudra produces a relaxing effect on the solar plexus, the stomach area, liver, spleen and gall bladder. It also regulates energies in the autonomic nervous system, helps mobilize energies of elimination and detoxifies. You can use this to lessen nausea, seasickness, flatulence and bloating.
Balancing your own energy in this way can help to alleviate tensions between parties and reduce anger.
Use it to reduce tension and nervousness before you give a presentation or meet with a client.  Boosts confidence.

  • How To Form Pushan Mudra?
  • Right hand thumb touches index and middle fingers, while the left hand thumb touches middle and ring fingers.
  • It is one of the best nourishing cum digestion mudra which is also used to activate the Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra. Chant OM RUM Namaha – ॐ रं नमः – while practing this mudra.
  • Role of Om Rum Namaha Beeja Mantra along with these hasta mudras is very very Important to Balance the Ego of an efficient person, having over active Solar Plexus Chakra- that may crop in due to the over confidence as a DOER! In addition – those – whose Solar Plexus Chakra is imbalanced being under active and this loosing confidence plus having various Stomach related issues – also get benefitted. Rum रं – by burning everything and thus making everything pure and elevate the Kundalini upward to reach the upper chakras to move forward from Solar Plexus Chakra, as the fire flames always move upward and also – due to the reason that fire being light by nature! The holy Lalitam beejamantras like; Om Lalitam Shree Dharam Om Lalitam Bhaskaram Om Lalitam Sudarshnam are also useful in this regard!
  • Combo practice of Mantra and Mudra will activate stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines too!
  • It is also called as Acceptance Mudra. Whatever happens in your life has to be accepted by you.
  • This will also work when you are in distress or whenever you feel sad, making you accept life as it is.
  • When you can’t accept the other person, be in this Mudra then you will be able to accept them.
  • For better digestion, RUM BUM LUM DUM Dhum beejamantras may also be chanted with this Mudra.

Why this Mudra is important? According to Ld Naran – There are two rules in life:

  1. You get what you do not want.
  2. You do not get what you want.

We have to manage our life with whatever is happening, by accepting it. You may need the forgiveness exercise too. If anybody is giving problem to you, anybody is angry with you, or plotting against you, by being in this Mudra and doing forgiveness exercise, you will establish harmony immediately. You can repeat the exercise and the Mudra as many times as possible.

2. Rudra Hasta Mudra practice also activates our Solar Plexus Chakra