Balancing All The Chakras By Forming A Strong Wish Planning – & Its Execution – Of A Good Cause!

Plan a wish for doing a good task – whether personal or philanthropic.

Say – we wish to control our weight. To complete this wish – you first require a wish – which come from Saral Chakra. It means that – our Saral Chakra is already activated atleast so strong that we may think of having a will! Now please see that the strength to complete that wish has to come form our Root Chakra and which is possible only if your Root Chakra is activated atleast somuch so as to give some will power. Now suppose, that you plan this the following way:-

Try to getup a little early in the morning and let us set an alaram. Here – as soon as we hear the sound of alaram let’s give a physical mental & physical thrust to getup immediately n leave the bed. If we are successful – see that – our Root Chakra is at least already that much well balanced that – we have the energy to get up and our Sacral Chakra too is atleast that much balanced that this didn’t get trap in our Mental laziness to not to leave the cosy bed! Please note that – more feeling happily – we like to plan n execute this exercise of getting up a little early – the more n more our Sacral Chakra will get strengthened and to the contrary – if we do that – with unhappy mood – then, it will deactivate our Sacral Chakra further. So make n develop an habit of Doing Working with Pleasure n Love to see that our Sacral / Hara Chakra get more n more strengthened since this chakra is ruled by our Mind as this is related with Water Element n Moon planet, which is significator of our Mental Strength! यानि प्रैम पूर्वक व खुशी खुशी कार्य करने से हमारा स्वाधिस्ठानचक्र मजबूत बनता है!

तथा मजबूती से निर्णय व संकल्प लेने से हमारा Roota चक्र मजबूत होता है।

Please see that – if either of these two chakras are not activated atleast somuch of a minimum atleast so as to not being in harmony with each other – i.e. either not able to plan something new or not able to execute this – then – we need first to work on these two basic chakras activation n balancing!

But, if we are successful to have planned to get up early n having got up early then – we need to do an exercise to get balanced our energy chakra – i.e. Solar Plexus Chakra too!

For this – soon after getting up – drink a lot sufficient mild hot water so that we start having a clear bowl movement within a few days of this practice.

You know – what will happen then?

A Miracle – yes a miracle indeed!

इस से हमारा मणिपुर चक्र मजबूत होगा – यानि हमारा आंतरिक सूर्य नाभि चक्र मजबूत बनेगा, क्योोंकि – इस से हमारा पेेेट सेेफ व