सीखें:- Akash Mudra – आकाश मुद्रा हृदय High BP/ अधिक वज़न थाइरोइड रोग को दूर कर सकने वाली सबसे शक्तिशाली मुद्रा – Akash / Akaash Hast – Hasta Mudra

Akash Mudra meant for Heart as a Mudra: The Akash Mudra helps to “center” your energies. It nourishes any part of your body that is lacking.


स्पेस प्रदान कर – बडा ह्रदय, बड़ी सोच व बडा मन प्रदत्त मुद्रा.
Akash Mudra may also help in control of High BP & Heart Problems
  • Akash mudra detoxifies our body and helps in easing the discomforts caused by eating heavy meals and  may cure Weight Loosing Thyoride, Ear, Chest infections and Sinusitis, Migraine Pains, Helps Calcium-Phosphorous absorption – especially required by the women after menopause, could keep the Heart and Teeths healthy, gives Intuition!
  • Note: Doing this mudra chanting ॐ हं नमः OM Ham Namah – could activate and balances the Throat Chakra – giving clear and effective voice and one will stand for TRUTH which helps to remove:- Anger, Fear & Sorrow! And when our actions match our intentions or words, then the Truth (divine order) is exhibited which is capable of changing the mistaken view of the situation or a person since the well balanced chakra exhibites the energy of truth. This will also clear the congestion in our throat chakra and will make one feel peaceful, and even happy and all including ones boss, clients will start believing you and your words! Expanded Circle of personal friends, or business clients could also expected!
  • How To:- Touch The Middle Fingers Of Both The Hands With Thumbs, While All Other Fingers Are Kept Standing Erect! Do it for 16+ minutes daily.

Other Benefits:
This Mudra influences the Vishuddhi Chakra, activates the thyroid gland and balances the Nadis. As this Mudra blocks energy coming from lower centres and guides energy down from the Sahasrara Chakra, it calms and uplifts the thoughts.

Never perform Akashi Mudra while standing, and do it only when sitting. The head should not be bent back too far if there are problems of the cervical spine or a tendency to become dizzy.

Akash Mudra Benefits by FitSri Yoga: Space elements in the body makes the person broad-minded and promote openness. However, it helps in transforming the negative thoughts, anger, selfishness into positive thoughts, love or compassion, and selfless behaviour. In the human body, the Atma (soul) represents the space. It is believed that practising Akash mudra generates blue energy, which activates the vishuddha chakra (Throat chakra). Therefore, it unites the individual consciousness to the universal consciousness or inner space with the universal space. A few important benefits of Akash Mudra explained by FitSri Yoga may be summarised as under: 1. Relive the Condition of Migraine Lack of space element in our body results in the condition of migraine. According to a study, yoga practices like mediation with Akash mudra positively affects the Agya chakra (hypothalamic-cerebral system of the brain). This further improves the life quality of patients by improving the symptoms. Ultimately, relieve the migraine problem. 2. Reduces Sinusitis Pain The condition of sinusitis and pain associated with it is quite common these days. It is a major problem among one in eight people around the world. Acupressure pressure points concerned with the sinus are found in the middle finger of the hand. On gentle touching of these points in Akash mudra, provide immense relief from the sinusitis pain. 3. Improve Hearing Loss Exposure to the loud sounds and aging process decreases the ability of nerve cells in the cochlea that send sound signals to the brain. This results in, inefficient transmittance of the electrical signals or hearing loss. However, Akash mudra induces the centers of concerned nerve cells in the nervous system. Therefore, improves the functioning and ultimately affects the hearing ability of an individual. 4. Activates Throat Chakra Problems like jaw pain, shoulder pain, malfunctioned thyroid, neck pain or issues with hearing surround us, in an imbalanced throat chakra. Practising of Akash mudra directs the flow of prana in nadis to the throat chakra. On the regular practice of this mudra activates the respective chakra, which after balancing eradicates the concerned problems. 5. Overcome Calcium Deficiency Lack of calcium concentration in blood could invite problems like tooth decay, brittle bones, hypocalcemia, osteoporosis, involuntary shivering, etc. Our middle finger has points associated with the parathyroid glands, which secretes the PTH (hormone). Practising Akash mudra stimulates the other side of those pressure points. Further, the interaction of calcium, vitamin D and PTH regulates the blood calcium level. Therefore, overcome calcium deficiency. What are the Benefits of Akash Mudra – kind Courtsey : Yoga Chaitanya:? 1) Akash mudra removes all hearing difficulties. It improves and strengthens the hearing ability. 2) It helps in removing all ear problems such as ear discharges, tinnitus, and deafness. Tinnitus is a problem in which you hear ringing or buzzing noise in one or both ears. This noise can be constant or occasional. 3) Our middle finger is related to the heart. Practice Akash mudra to removes problems of heart, such as blood pressure, heart diseases. 4) It removes calcium deficiency and thus strengthens bones. Akash mudra is a very good Mudra for osteoporosis. 5) In case of joint pains, arthritis, gout do Akash Mudra with one hand and Prithvi mudra with another hand. It is also called a joint or sandhi mudra. 6) It cures Kapha dosha i.e. phlegmatic constitution, throat problem. 7) Akash Mudra is useful for mentally and physically retarded children. 8) As we know, the practice of Akash mudra increases the Space Element. Thus the increase in the space element will create room for the other four elements to increase too. This further creates balance in the entire body. 9) The practice of Aakash Mudra removes blocked energies. It nourishes the body & keeps the energies centred. 10) The regular practice of Akash mudra makes us broad-minded at the psychological & spiritual level.