आकाश मुद्रा हृदय रोग को दूर करने वाली सबसे शक्तिशाली मुद्रा – Akash / Akaash Hast – Hasta Mudra

स्पेस प्रदान कर – बडा ह्रदय, बड़ी सोच व बडा मन प्रदत्त मुद्रा.
Akash Mudra Also Controls High BP & Heart Problems
  • Akash mudra detoxifies our body and helps in easing the discomforts caused by eating heavy meals and cures Weight Loosing Thyoride, Ear, Chest infections and Sinusitis, Migraine Pains, Helps Calcium-Phosphorous absorption – especially required by the women after menopause, keeps the Heart and Teeths healthy, gives Intuition!
  • Note: Doing this mudra chanting ॐ हं नमः OM Ham Namah – could activate and balances the Throat Chakra – giving clear and effective voice and one will stand for TRUTH which helps to remove:- Anger, Fear & Sorrow! And when our actions match our intentions or words, then the Truth (divine order) is exhibited which is capable of changing the mistaken view of the situation or a person since the well balanced chakra exhibites the energy of truth. This will also clear the congestion in our throat chakra and will make one feel peaceful, and even happy and all including ones boss, clients will start believing you and your words! Expanded Circle of personal friends, or business clients could also expected!
  • How To:- Touch The Middle Fingers Of Both The Hands With Thumbs, While All Other Fingers Are Kept Standing Erect! Do it for 16+ minutes daily.