Learning Curing Obesity – Weight Loss / Weight Control Hast – Hasta Mudra Package ( Do Rudra & Vyan Mudras – if having high BP & don’t do Surya/Agni & Linga Mudras)

According to a report half of Americans are trying to lose weight. In this chaos, the following hasta mudras as shown in the pictures in series at the end are used for the Weight Control as per ones suitability and convenience but particularly, the practice of Surya and Linga Mudras is one of the easiest methods to lose weight.


  1. Gyan Mudra indirectly helps in weight loss as it removes stress – as a result of which one doesn’t eat just any food for taste habit and learn instead to eat only healthy food and good sleeping pattern due to Gyan mudra is helpful to control weight;

Chinmaya Mudra: Like Gyan mudra, it works like a magic pill as Akash, Prithvi and Jal Tatva get reduced causing weight loss, and it also corrects our Saman Vayu – which is responsible for assimilation and digestion of FOOD and this also suits more to the patients suffering from low bp;

Vyan Mudra: Removes all kinds of excessiveness including weight and this is very much helpful to those having high blood pressure and or thyroid with under Weight. Vaayan Mudra The Vaayan mudra is the mudra that is closely associated with the element of air. The body is required to energize itself with air properties that help in improving the nervous system in the body. When practiced correctly, Vaayan mudra is known to help people become more self-aware and practice a higher range of consciousness. With the mind on board, it becomes easier to control weight and cut down on fat effectively. One more cause of loosing WEIGHT by practicing Vyan mudra is because Air element being LIGHT by nature and Air is dominating part of Vyan mudra and secondly Increase in Air element causes Decrease in Kapha Nature – which is chiefly responsible for weight gain. More than that – Vyan mudra nature by Default is to balance all types of excessiveness including Weight Excess ! !

Kidney Mudra/Kapha Shamak : This helps in weight loss as this reduces Kapha Humour – excess of which is responsible for over weight but high bp patients to do it with caution and for a very less time as per ones convenience, since it produces heat in our body!

Saman Mudra: This mudra is PANECIA as this balances all the five Elements! This helps in assimilation & digestion of food, increasing metabolism to control weight and doing this mudra for just five minutes before taking meals, helps us in becoming mentally prepared to start liking and accepting the food served to us.

Digestion Mudras like Pushan, ApanVayu: Use of any of these mudras helps in Proper Digestion & Elimination of food which helps weight control. These mudras are very much helpful to high bp and heart patients too!

Surya Mudra for weight loss: Limited practice of 16 minutes – Producing heat, this mudra acts as a Kapha reducer and hence weight control as excess kapha is responsible for excess weight, but high bp patient to be careful to do it very very for less, specially during summers as heat or pitta produced by this mudra decreases kapha and hence weight but it may increase bp at the same time! But this helpful to people with thyroid with excess weight!


Surya mudra helps in weight loss in the following way:

  • Indigestion and sleep disorders are the most common cause of excessive weight. Surya mudra balances digestion problems (by stimulating fire element) & sleep disorders by bringing down the earth element present in the ring finger.
  • Another cause of excessive weight is the accumulation of wastes in the body. Surya mudra regulates the ‘Apana Vayu – downward-moving energy’ (one of the five Pran Vayus) efficiently which helps to detoxify the body. Hence, it’s helpful in weight loss.

Surya mudra is also practiced to reduce the extra fat deposited in a female body post-delivery.

Linga Mudra: A very limited use of just 10 minutes generates lot of body heat – becoming helpful in proper digestion and metabolism- and hence much helpful in weight control and gives additional benefit to stop producting mucous and phlegm and it strengtenes the lungs and also gives instant relief from severe cold and bronchial infections -by invigorating our body!




How To:
Interlock the fingers of both hands and keep the thumb of either the left ot right hand vertically straight and encircle it with the thumb and the index finger of the other hand.
Since the practice of Linga mudra generates heat in our body, therefore, we need to consume lot of fluids diet like milk, ghee, water and fruit juice as it can produce sweating even in winter season, if practiced for a long time.Therefore, the persons having high bp need to be careful to do it very very for less time, specially during summers as heat or pitta produced by this mudra decreases kapha and hence decrease weight also but it may increase bp at the same time! But this mudra is helpful to the people having thyroid with excess weight!

Pran Mudra: Works as a finishing mudra to multiply the use of all of the above cited mudras. More than that – it being a Energy giving mudra – it doesn’t let one feel week and hungry for a longer duration, thus helpful for weight loss by don’t eating so frequently and thus – much helpful to diabetic patients too!





Vyan hasta mudra -specially good if having high blood pressure)
Specially good like Rudra hasta mudra – if having high blood pressure
This mudra cures kidney problems of any kind. … Problem of phlegm in the throat and the lungs is cured. Helps in curing swelling in certain parts of the body. If this mudra done with apaan mudra and Shankh mudra, it releases toxins and improves liver and kidney functions. It can avoid kidney dialysis