Linga Hasta -Hast Mudra ( लिंग हस्त मुद्रा )

Provides Heat & Lubrication to Strengthen the Body Organs & To Enable to get an opportunity to show ones hidden & unutilized talent.

How To? Interlock all the fingers from both the hands, while keeping either of the left or the right thumb straight.

Uses: 16+ Minutes Practice of Linga mudra along with Pran Mudra – that gives strength to the previously done complimentary mudras or may be called as a finishing cum healing and immunity provider mudra which may control Cold with or without running nose, Asthma, Cough, Sinusitis, Dried Phlegm, Cervical Spondylosis, Obesity by producing necessary Heat in the body which Lubricates all the Organs! During a Polluted Cold Season, we may get afflicted with cold. To fight this, Linga Mudra is an excellent way of generating heat in the body. This Heat also obstructs the growth of ‘Ama,’ a toxic substance that leads to the culmination of fat and hampers the process of digestion. It also accelerates ones Metabolism rate which helps in better digestion and keeping weight under control.
The thick phlegm produced and deposited inside the lungs will be converted into liquid form by the Linga Mudra and will be sent to the Hara Chakra (the chakra that handles water element). This will be thrown out of the body by practicing the Pushsn Mudra Version 2 & Safe and Secure Mudra (Pran Mudra)! In addition, it balances our energy burning metabolism rate to maintain optimum body weight, protects against colds and releases chilla and energises to strengthen our immune system and may help move beyond impotence, frigidity or lack of passion!

NB: Use of Linga Mudra along with Kuber & Pran Hasta Mudras and Chanting Beejamantras for Making Best Use of Ones Un or Under Utilised Talent:-

If someone is not able to do show talent and don’t know how to come out of this impasse (गतिरोध/अवरोध), then the Psyco-somatic energy activation required for accepting & facing the job challenges with the help of practicing Linga Mudra along with Kuber & Pran – (the Safe & Secure) Mudras could help one to unfold all the creativity in a person and makes the doors open. By practicing Kuber mudra – the energy get circulated in all the organs helping to become dynamic and harmonious due to the activation of Air Element of Heart chakra and Ether Element of Throat chakras in this process and becoming safe & feel secure is the outcome of practicing Pran mudra where Earth element offers the Motherly protection and Water Element helps one becoming emotionally matured. Chanting of Beejamantras like ॐ ललितं लम्बोदरं clears the blockages, which were becoming hindrance in ones materialistic, social, emotional and or spiritual journey due to ones “Prarabdh”

This way – to earn a handsome livelihood, ones ideas could also be marketed easily. This is also applicable in case of the talented house wives looking for a suitable opportunity to cash their unutilized talent.

A Word of Caution:

Practice the Linga Mudra in moderation in Summer Hot Weather and specially in case – if someone already possessing a Pitta dominating body constitution.

In addition, please increase the intake of fluid diet like water, juices or milk etc during the practice days and stop practicing this mudra once the desired aim is fulfilled!