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Digestion Mudra & Mantras (Naran based)

Pushan Hasta Mudra, Version 1 & 2 and Ru-mm Bu-mm Lu-mm Du-mm (रं बं लं दं) / Lalitam Lambodaram (ललितं लम्बोदरं) beejamantras for Digestion!

These two mudras and beej mantras, which have been described in detail below, may be practiced for 5 or more minutes each, either before or after eating, or both times) and chant, “Rum Bum Lum Dum/Dhum” (रं बं लं दं) or Lalitam Lambodaram (ललितं लम्बोदरं) since all the beejmantras Rum Bum Lum Dum have been included in this Holy Mantra of Lord Ganesh Ji!

Uses & Benefits of Beej mantras:
By chanting the following beej mantras along with Poshan mudra, you will be able to digest any type of food. You can chant the mantra anytime – not necessarily after taking your food. If you chant this mantra before taking the food, it helps you eat properly and would be able to choose a healthy food to eat!
Rum (Solar Plexus मणिपुर चक्र beejmantra) activates Liver, Stomach and pancreas. It kindles the fire to digest the food.
Om Rum Namaha: for digestion, absorption and assimilation.

(भगवान शिव उपासना बीज मंत्र) Chant Om BUM Namaha many times for elimination! This is a very important mantra for healing intestine. Bum activates Spleen, intestines. This mantra heals bowel related issues, which will be indicated by a pain in the left abdomen because of the accumulation of gas in the intestine. When children have colic pain, you may notice them cry. Bum can be used for cold, cough also.

(Root Chakra मूलाधार चक्र Beejmantra chanting is used for strengthening and activating basic chakra, which also activates absorption and assimilation functions of the digestive tract. यह थकान मिटाने में भी सक्षम कहा जाता है!
Om Lum Namaha also improves flexibility and movement; improves muscle strength; mental worry will disappear.
An Example of Mental Flexibility by chanting Lu-mm beej mantra:-
Suppose we would like to get up at 4 am? But we won’t?.
Lum will develop flexibility of the mind & would help mind in becoming flexible to obey our intentions n affirmations

Du-mm / Dhum is seed word for comfort. After eating, one should feel comfortable and relaxed too!
।। दं ।। Du-mm भगवान श्री विष्णु का बीज मंत्र:
श्री विष्णु का बीज मंत्र ।। दं ।। है । जीवन में हर प्रकार के सुख और एश्वर्य की प्राप्ति हेतु इस बीज मंत्र द्वारा भगवान श्री विष्णु की आराधना की जाती हैं ।

How to do Pushan Mudra-1?
For Acceptance-variation one, the right hand thumb tip should touch the tips of Index & Middle fingers (forming Vyan Mudra for Receiving) and the left hand Thumb tip should touch the tips of middle & ring fingers (forming Apan Mudra for Letting Go), while the remaining fingers are kept extended.
Note: This version is related with the Solar Plexuses मणिपुर चक्र – meant for balancing Metabolism which is useful for treating upper-GI-tract issues like reflux and belching!)

Pudhan mudra 1, Second Version- In right hand, join tips of thumb and index finger and then put middle finger tip on the nail of index fingdr, while in the left hand – join tips of thumb and middle finger and then put tip of ring finger on the nail of middle finger.
(दाहिने हैंड में थंब टिप को इंडेक्स फिंगर टिप से मिलाएं व मिड्ल फिंगर टिप को इंडेक्स फिंगर के नाखून पर रखें। लेफ्ट हैंड में थंब टिप व मिडल फिंगर टिप्स को मिलाएँ व रिंग फिंगर टिप को मिड्ल फिंगर नाखून के ऊपर रखें!)
Benefits of Poshan Mudra Variant 1:
Since Pushan mudras Acceptance version 1- is made by making use of Vyan mudra in right hand so as to receive the energy and Apan mudra in left hand so as to letting go off / detoxifying all that residual energy, which is no more useful. Thus, we can say that usinh Pushan mudra with mantra balances Vyan and Apan Vayus & metabolism and hence reduces your sugar level and excess of weight too and therefore it is good for Diabetic patients also!
It intensifies breathing and therefore the absorption of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide in the lungs. It has a relaxing effect on the solar plexus (the area of the stomach, liver, spleen, and
gallbladder), regulates energies in the
autonomic nervous system, mobilizes
energies of elimination, and
detoxifies. It has an excellent effect
on general or acute nausea, seasickness, flatulence, and that sensation of fullness one feels after meals.
This Pushan mudra is also said to be a Students friendly mudra since even after taking full meals – its practice does not let the students feel sleepy unnecessarily – especially during the exams days and enhances their memory as nervous system get balanced by Vyan/Apan Vayu balancing!

How to do Pushan Mudra-2?

For Vital Essence-variation two, the left hand position is same as variation 1. The right hand thumb tip should touch the tips of Ring and Small/Pinky fingers (forming Pram Mudra for Receiving) and the left hand Thumb tip should touch the tips of middle & ring fingers (forming Apan Mudra for Letting Go), while the remaining fingers are kept extended.

Pudhan mudra 2 Second Version- In right hand, join tips of thumb and little finger and then put ring finger tip on the nail of index fingdr, while in the left hand – join tips of thumb and middle finger and then put tip of ring finger on the nail of middle finger
(दाहिने हैंड में थंब टिप को लिटिल फिंगर टिप से मिलाएं व रिंग फिंगर टिप को लिट्ल फिंगर के नाखून पर रखें। लेफ्ट हैंड में थंब टिप व मिडल फिंगर टिप्स को मिलाएँ व रिंग फिंगर टिप को मिड्ल फिंगर नाखून के ऊपर रखें!)
नोट: In practice, this has been observed that chanting the following beej mantra with this version of Poshan mudra, have found highly beneficial : Vallabham Gajananam EkDantam
(पुषाण मुद्रा version2 में – अनुभव में, पुषाण मुद्रा सँग Lalitam Lambodaram Vallabham Gajananam EkDantam ललितं लम्बोदरं वल्लभं गजाननं एकदन्तं बीजमंत्र जप अधिक उपयुक्त पाया गया है!)

Note: This version is related with Sacral / Hara Chakra (स्वाधिस्ठानचक्र), meant for treating the lower-GI-tract issues like gas, bloating, or constipation.

Benefits of Variant 2:
Right hand fingers position connecting the energies of the thumb, ring finger, and little finger activates the lower digestive process and the elimination process. This mudra can be called the general energy pump. It stimulates the functions of the brain, a fact that has also been proved scientifically. The finger position of the right hand activates energy in the pelvic floor, like a smoldering fire that has been stoked. With the finger position of the left hand, the kindle energy (अग्निउर्जा) is directed upward. Every organ, the general mood, and thinking (concentration, memory, logic, enthusiasm, etc.) are positively
influenced as a result.

(The End of Pushan Mudras)

A few other Important Mantra & Mudras for Digestion related issues!

EEJO Mantra for Gastric, Digestive & Headaches problems:

EEJO a Chinese mantra is also said to be a wonderful remedy for gastric, digestive problems and head aches. After eating food, if Belching happens, then it means the Apanan – a type of prana that is supposed to flow down, is coming up. It will also bring down your head aches – which could be happening due to too much worry and thinking. One may also do Chin Mudra while chanting the mantra for better relief.

Elimination Proces:
Chant Vu-mm Pu-mm Lu/mm Bu/mm. (वं पं लं बं)
Vu-mm is beejmantra for Sacral/Hara स्वाधिस्ठानचक्र जो भूख प्यास मिटाने व वज़न नियंत्रण में भी सक्षम कहा गया है!)
Om Vum Namaha: reduces the fat. Balances Water so that you are free from inflammation and pain.
This mantra is also good for dry skin. Do Varun Mudra, while chanting!

Varun Mudra

Post-Deepavali Care

Lots of sweets, and lots of food we had been taking during the last ten days. The doctors say that undigested food would stay in our system for many months and years. They had to be eliminated from our system. To do so:

Chant the Mantra ‘Rum Bum Lum Dum’ (this will also reduce your sugar level and therefore it is good for diabetic patients)
Do Acceptance Mudra while chanting
Do the above as much as you can.

Check the site to know more about Acceptance Mudra or Digestion Mudra:

Chakra Balancing

The chakras can get imbalanced due to over excitement, pollution due to crackers, shopping crowd and for various other reasons. They need to work in balance. This can happen only if the unwanted stuff in them is cleared off. To do so:

Do Gyan/ Jnana / Chin Mudra (touch the thumb with index finger on both hands) – the Mudra that is used traditionally in the meditation pose.

Though, you need not be in the meditation pose. You can do it while walking, talking or watching TV and may be while attending a meeting (the best time to calm down your nerves).

While doing the Chin Mudra, chant the mantras in the following mantra sequence repeatedly: “Om Lum Namaha Om Vum Namaha Om Rum Namaha Om Yum Namaha Om Hum Namaha”


If you know Reiki, then give a full-body Reiki to yourself.


Do the above for the next few days to avoid any illness in the near or distant future. Yes, due to contamination of chakras or energy field, we could fall sick any time in the future.

This can be done after every major festival or function to keep our health intact.

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For any Basic Chakra related problems, like back pain Mantra Healing Lalitham Sridharam (or) Om Lum Namaha and Om Vum Namaha
Case History

Rajesh had a severe lower back pain. He was feeling weak and found it difficult to walk for more than 5 minutes at a time. Neither could he sleep well. He wakes up at least 5 to 6 times during his sleep. So he could never feel fresh and brisk in the morning.

He was advised to chant “Om Lum Namaha” and “Om Vum Namaha” before going to sleep. He did Pran Hasta Mudra / Safe and Secure Mudra while chanting the mantra. Within a week he found significant progress. He could sleep well within 10 minutes of chanting. Also he didn’t wake up during sleeping hours, which increased his energy levels. Because of this, he could comfortably do yoga in the morning too.


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