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Testimonial Video Messages about DC Chaudhary’s Hastamudras from Legends!

A Testimonial Video message from a Visionary Legend 🙏🏻
🤔I feel Indebted to – Worthy Dr NC Wadhwa Ji, IAS (Rtd) – Former Commissioner, Govt of Haryana – Vice Chancellor MD University, Rohtak & Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad – Speaking a few kind words as a Testimonial, concerning my passionate contribution in the field of- Hasta Mudras – Well-being Yoga Therapy!
✍️ W/Sir, had also been – Director of our School Education, Deptt, Govt of Haryana.


By Hastamudraexpert

DC Chaudhery, (BSc; MCom; MEd);
(IAS, HCS Exams Qualified)

Former: DPC-SSA cum
Dy Distt Edu Officer, Fbd,

- Governing Body,
Faridabad Education Council,
- Ethical Committee,
Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad.

Former Advisor:
Faridabad Navchetna Trust;
(Patron: Hon'ble Vipul Goel Minister)
Dr OP Bhalla Foundation -
(Manav Rachna University, Fbd.)

Former Member:
- Haryana State EducatIon Committee;
- Member, Exams Board of School EducatIon, Haryana;
- Resource Person, Deptt of Education, Haryana;
- Distt President, Haryana Edu Officers Assoc;
- Fin & Admin Advisor,
Additional Deputy Commissioner, Fbd cum Admnistrator Echelon Engg Inst;

An Experienced Holistic Well-being Vedic Educator In The Field Of:
Kundalini Awakening Through
Vedic Hasta Mudras Yoga Therapy,
Chakras Balancing,
Beeja Mantras Jap Yoga,
Meditation, Nadi Shodhan Pranayam &
Vedic Astrology!
Mobile: 9911417418, 9868358257
(fbPg: EduCare:

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