Why one should go through – www.hastamudras.com?

Esteemed Patrons, expressing my deep gratitude and reverence to the ancient Rishi Munies, thinkers, researchers, known – unknown authors, I feel pleasure to compile and edit this hastamudras.com well-being yoga therapy website with a philanthropic intention that it may help everyone – the healthy persons as well as those – who don’t have the capacity to perform physical exercise and hat yoga being weak or old or even those who are ill and need treatment or already taking some kind of treatment. 

Hasta mudras well-being yoga therapy works on the principle which states that so long the five elements present in our body remain balanced – we remain fit and imbalance of these five elements caused by our faulty life style makes us sick. So, hastamudras yoga therapy is a technique of balancing these five elements through making different kinds of the gestures through our five fingers, which represents an element each.

Since, I my self was born with quite a low Hb, and a combo of weak liver and kidney and have met a number of serious accidents and still bear those scars on my head and other body parts, I was in dire need of doing such a simple to learn and easy to do – like this hasta mudra wellness yoga therapy as even a child, aged or a bedridden person can also do that with or without taking any bodies help! 

I also feel pleasure in saying that even after having experienced such a bad and traumic bodily experiences in my early life, now at the age of appx. 64 years- I have been almost enjoying quite a healthy mental, physical, social-emotional and economically stable life – thanks – to the hastamudras well-being yoga therapy!
Though the Hasta Mudras work to unite our Body, Mind, and Soul to function better – yet, please bear in mind that hastamudras wellness yoga therapy does not necessarily replace a physician or a doctor! 

I still hope that you too will enjoy good well-being trying out the mudras mentioned in the www.hastamudras.com website presented here. Let me reassure –  that going through hastamudras.com website and practising the required hastamudras – you are sure to enjoy amazing health benefits!

To illustrate an example of gaining a spiritual, mental and physical benefit of hasta mudras, let’s understand the concept of one of the most ancient and widely practiced by our great ancient Sages like Baba Nanak, Mahatma Budha and Lord Krishana : The World famous – Jnana ज्ञान hasta mudra as under:-

How To? Jnana Hasta Mudra is formed by the union of tips of Thumbs and the Index Fingers, as shown in the picture below!

Jnana Hasta Mudra is formed by the union of tips of Thumbs and the Index Fingers.

A: Spiritual Benefit:-
Thumb – representing the one of five Elements – Fire and Planet Mars मङ्गल is symbolic of cosmic or inner energy of divine or the inner energy coming from the Intuition whereas the Index Finger – representing Air Element and Planet Jupiter बृहस्पति is symbolic of individual energy of inspiration coming from outside by human consciousness.

Matching the primary objective of yoga of having the oneness of humanity with cosmic consciousness – this gesture named Jnana Hasta Mudra – we the human beings – expresses our desire of having belongingness with the Almighty and through this gesture, intuition and inspiration forms a closed unity – the power of the microcosm and the macrocosm are connected and mutually fructify each other.

Thus, we can say that the true goal of this hastamudras wellness yoga teaching is awakening of the spiritual strength that rests in every human being at the lower end of the spinal column and letting it rise up through the spinal column until it unites with the Divine above the top of the head – which is also known as Kundalini Awakening! This leads to a path of all-round real happiness!

B: Bodily Benefits including Balancing our Root Chakra – that helps in making to feel ourself Grounded and Stabilised

Practice of this mudra increases the smooth flow of blood supply and circulation in the brain to help energize the neurons for instant action. This is how the jnana mudra helps in curing many of the brain related disorders. This mudra effectuates a balanced commingling of the agni and the vayu tatvas.  We know that the tip of thumbs have the points of brain, pituitary and endocrine glands on it. So making Gyan mudra by pressing these centers with the index fingers, the brain and both the glands work actively to correct the sleeping pattern and eating disorders, BP, metabolism, mental state, physical growth, Retina Degeneration and Dwarfism. This mudra is also useful for enhancing mental capabilities. Its regular practice over a substantial stretch of time helps in sharpening the memory, mental concentration and thinking process and in increasing the grasping/learning capacities. It also activates and balances Apana Vayu as in case, if a belching (डकार) takes place after taking meals or if there is difficulty in defication – it means that the Apan Vayu which function is to eliminate the food residuals and toxins out of body by moving all downward is malfunctioning at present and this it is causing to move these upward instead. In such a case, the Apan Vayu gets corrected by practicing Gyan Mudra for few minutes and the Apan Vayu starts moving downward. Practicing this mudra in evening is helpful to save from the possible tension, anger, irritation, back pain or any kind of other pains, depression and we could enjoy restful sound sleep if practiced with Pran Mudra. Its instant effect is felt as slow relaxation of mind; retaining it for long induces a soothing sleep like effect. If one keeps one or both the hands in this mudra while lying on the bed, he often goes to sleep. Several types of mental disorders are prevented and cured by consistent practice of this mudra. It is also beneficial for those suffering from insomnia and works better if practiced along with Pran Hasta Mudra. Short tempered and impatient persons can also get soothing improvement in their nature by practicing this mudra.

Note: Please try practicing this mudra for a few minutes in the meditation state focusing on your breath or chanting a holymantra – and thereafter, please do let me know – Did did it help you any way? Yes or No – please do share by commenting below.

Yours truly, 

DC Chaudhary