VattaShamak/ Vishnu Mudra

Benefits – Capable of curing all the two third diseases caused by Vatta Imbalance- especially in the 60+ Old Age and other diseases like – Anxiety and Insomnia due to over flow of thoughts, Indecisiveness, Impatience, Unknown fears, Teeth, Ear, Joints and Muscular Pain, Tinnitus and Hard of Hearing, Body Numbness and Cracking sound in joints, Cracked Lips, Face & Hands Skin in Winters, Gas, Irregular, scantly and painful menses.

Note: 1) To remove body pains – Winters Cracked Skin, please practice this mudra along with Varun / Jal Mudra simultaneously – since most of the bodily pains are caused either by the excess of Vatta (Vatta Shamak Mudra) or imbalance of water (Varun Mudra) or due to both!

2) Only difference between Vayu and Vatta Shamak Mudra is the addition of space in case of Vatta Shamak Mudra – pronouncing more power full Vatta-Vayu Decrease as Middle finger of Space Element increases or decreases the elements effect – with whom it is placed!

How To:- Fold and put the index and middle fingers of both the hands on the root pad of thumbs and keep these fingers pressed under the thumbs for 16+ minutes daily!