Prithvi Hasta Mudra Prithvi ( Pruthvi ) Hast Mudra ( पृथ्वी हस्त मुद्रा )

Stability giving – Prithvi Mudra Balances the Element EARTH – our MOTHER and Root Chakra to take care of all our body organs like our physical bones, cartilage, skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, and internal organs and does the job of stimulating and strengthening these tissues and bones. Prithvi Mudra promotes a feeling of stability, confidence and strength, and helps reduce stress and weakness. It also improves your digestive power, and enhances overall vitality in the body. It improves Physical Well-Being, Immunity, Betters Nutrition-Vitamins Absorption, Skin, Hair, Nail, Acidity, Burning, Fever, Throat & Fatigue Problems, Energy strengthening & Metabolism, Blood Circulation, Tolerance Ability, Sterengthens Weak Bones & all Body Organs, is Anti Aging and makes us Compassionate too by nature!

How to:- Touch the Ring Fingers Tips with the Thumb Tips of both the hands for 16+ minutes daily! Better chant ॐ लं नमः (OM Lam Namah) also!